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5 Most Amazing Technology Innovations

Technology Innovation is a discovery or creation that is novelty in how to meet the needs of the current community that without technological advances will not exist.

Thanks to the extraordinary progress of science in recent years, technology created and implemented with the help of engineers has made 21st century innovations very surprising that they have overcome fiction.

Furthermore, some of the most amazing technology innovations that revolutionize the world by creating what we know today

1. GPS

5 Most Amazing Technology Innovations

GPS changes the way we move. Thanks to this system was originally made only for the military to use, today we can put ourselves in an unknown place and find a way without the need for previous maps or knowledge.

GPS uses 24 satellites that orbit us planets Earth to Send the right location directly to our electronics devices. from the map design in II bc and the discovery of compass

2. Nanorobots

5 Most Amazing Technology Innovations

Nanorobots are a system that is designed for specific tasks in the nanometric scale dimension (one of the millions of A meters). This great technology innovation from Catalan Samuel Samanhez (1980-) is considered a cure for cancer. Thanks to this technology innovation, Samuel Sanchez was chosen in 2014 as the best innovator this year under 35 years in the famous MIT magazine (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Nanotechnology has been adept enough today, in addition to managing drugs, nanorobot DNA can identify tumors in the body and release thrombin doses so that they can not continue to feed and die. this nanorobot is moving alone, reacting to stimulation and 5. 000 teams smallerThan the tip of the needle. of course, surprising technology innovation after the discovery of vaccines in 1796.

3. Maglev Levitation Transportation

5 Most Amazing Technology Innovations

Maglev, with its acronym in EnglishMagnet Levitation, is transportation that uses magnetic levitation to reach a maximum speed of up to 590 km / hour. Magnetic levitation for land transportation is one of the most innovative technological achievements for passenger transportation.

In this way, thanks to propulsion made based on magnetic science, rail friction is removed, significantly increased speed, safety and reducing carbon emissions. maglev has become an innovation of Future Public Transportation Technology.

4. Internet

5 Most Amazing Technology Innovations

The internet has produced a revolution in modern communication since the first connection network was founded in 1969. This technology has been the key to innovation made since 21st centuries and in our life journey.

Thanks to the internet, today we are more connected than the community in part globalThat has shaped our society society.

5. Smartphone

5 Most Amazing Technology Innovations

The smartphone has changed ways to communicate, register, think and even pay. Thank you for this electronic device that almost all individuals have, it is possible to do it all tasks from a distance and anywhere.

Smartphone orsmartphonehas increased our mobility and individuality where contact, documents and pleasure can be held in our palms. this technology innovation has replaced telephone, television and modifying our forms of social communication.

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