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How to start a blog: know why you

How to start a blog: know why you

Want to know how to start a weblog? What is surprising to many Wannabe bloggers is that it has nothing to do with learning how to use WordPress or bloggers. In fact, it is the closing step in that way. The first absolute component to be done is to answer this important question

Why do you want to do web publications?

The following answers cannot be accepted:

  • I just want to tell everyone what I think (or aware of) about ______.
  • Everyone has it.
  • I want to make lots of easy money.

Why doesn't this work? Of course, if you write a blog in reality to express yourself or the percentage of your passion without hope for effects, then "why" you don't count the number. This is often known as an interest blog. What's interesting is that activity bloggers can spend a lot of time and strength on this website. But without the actual purpose in addition to sharing, they can easily be disappointed and stop because of draining their time and, sometimes, money.

Creating a "Me Too" blog with the reason that everyone has a person will usually result in a blog quickly abandoned because of the fact that blog competition is very fierce and requires a very large time fund, energy and the possibility of the cost to make someone fulfill. Because blogosphere is present as a really crowded space, the possibility to make an easy pile of coins from advertising and sponsor income is slim.

So if you are waiting to build income, internet traffic, fan base, aggressive parts or strong alternative benefits, "why" you are the first order of the industry for your blog.

The top 10 reasons for starting a blog

Here are some maximum efficient motives for starting a blog, as well as various demanding situations that might be found:

  1. Sale.Although this is the remaining goal of any business blogging efforts, to pray that a blog will not have problems and automatically change clean site visitors into customers is a stretch other than only for the lowest investment product and service. The subscription "sells" to register in the listEmail, loading the ebook down or buying some other Low Digital Prices that are desired are sales that can be converted by blogs.
  2. Show expertise.A blog can be a significant public member of the family place where bloggers or companies can show talent or knowledge through what is written.
  3. Build Email List.By providing free (or possible paid) content that is profitable, companies can motivate people to join their advertisement email list. Opt-in customer emails (which may be applied customers!) Can turn into one of the main items of service providers. AlthoughThe content itself can be regularly enough to motivate subscriptions, usually every other incentive that is equivalent to e-books or free files can sweeten the offer and encourage opt-in.
  4. Build a fan base.Not all blog readers will be customers or email customers. Some have been destroyed with too many emails. But the same people may be interested in following the organization or blogger on social media or by using their RSS type information bait. This is another typeChoosing and regularly may be a larger base than a strict email customer.
  5. Create an additional alternative income flow.Blogs can make income from advertising or sponsorship sales, as well as sales of products or services. Advertising income can be found from the sale of banner advertisements or side blades on the blog site or from PPC (Pay according to click) Kind Ads (ie, Google Adwords).
  6. News bait.Company blogs can turn into honorable news channels that can be referred to the help of the general public and click. This can reduce the volume of press release that needs to be distributed. Blog may want to include hyperlinks into the digital media package provider of service providers, in addition to lowering PR prices.
  7. Communicate with employees, communities, or customers.Similar to developing news bait, a blog can be devoted to communication for employees, consumers or networks that are appropriate and determined for limited or passwords including getting the right to entry to hold personal data.
  8. Educate customers.Some items and offers may be difficult to buy or use. A blog can offer useful archives to facilitate sales or help customers make their most important purchases.
  9. Leadership thought.Just like using a blog to show skills, blogs can also be a platform for posting and discussion of challenges, vision or philosophy of blogger companies or companies.
  10. Involve the audience with comments.Some blogs begin to encourage feedback from the reader. The aim is to have an interaction reader to manage dating with them or to get valuable feedback. Different, two things regularly appear: 1) People are usually too busy to read and go comment.2)Those who comment often have a hidden purpose to make the back link back to their own website. So they leave a futile feedback or selfishness who basically wasting time and assets to examine and control.

Why are you why not enough

If you have found why you want a blog, congratulations! You have a previous mile of many people who start a blog without a strong motive in mind. But that is just the first step. You need to find out what you are operating. . . Or now no.

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This is an example of a true existence. In early 2010, I started a blog about promotional prizes and how to use it. Because there are no too many blogs in this subject matter, it gives an extraordinary impression of concept to encourage customers who make sense to shop from me remembering the fact that I was judged by the value introduced. So "why" I will increase income. My perfect sales funnel appears like this:

About forty-five percent of traffic to my store came from a blog. So it operates at a certain level. That is not converted. This is what happens in all possibilities:

I can speculate purely, but my bet is that after traveling a competitor shop, these people have questions about things or confusing products. They went to Google Search, typed in words or topics in queries, finding my website, getting data, maybe checking my store, then bouncing again to the preliminary store that they have seen.

How do I make this assumption? The natural appearance for my blog is 60 percent of the total traffic. The search for the key phrase used by people to find me is not an unusual promotional product, but is very comparable"6 ounces. T-shirt. "There are no promo customers that I realize have ever included a term. And the price of the jump is the top, floating close to eighty P. C. Basically, I help my competitors sell.

Indeed, I can also see that there is a problem with my shop. But my guess is that it is a level of level. Mega On-line promotional distributors can underestimate me throughout the day. And web buyers often buy good buyers.

So I modify why I train and build email notes. If they buy from me, first grade. If not, I can have other problems to sell to those who include my book and become a member of my email list. But even that is not enough reason. The reader takes part in the data, but does not become a "next" buyer.

So 4 years later, I closed the blog. Investment is too high to hold it in the type and features it has. I moved this content to the host website that is still satisfying why I do coaching and promoting books, but also giving me new reasons-and ROI-from advertising revenue.

If I won't know or question why I, I might spend a big bite in my life pursuing an unrealistic goal. It also emphasizes the importance of knowledge and analyzing internet blog traffic.

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